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Linux Recruit Bristol, UK
Full time
Artificial Intelligence, or simply 'AI', is one of the biggest tech buzz words of the last couple years. It seems to pop up in almost every other job advert in some way or another, often being used in some distant team you'll never talk to... Well, how would you like to join a rapidly scaling tech company where you'll be completely immersed in it. The entire product is 100% AI driven so there isn't really any getting away from it. The good thing is that you won't need any commercial knowledge in AI, just strong knowledge of Python and/or C++. This position is for a software engineer who wants to build state of the art AI technology solutions using the latest tools. This team in particular will see you building out the very platform the company is known for. At the hub of everything going on, you'll have full visibility over every project and be in a prime position to up skill and learn. As such, whilst your focus will be development, you'll also have exposure to...
Linux Recruit Cambridge, UK
Full time
Ever wondered what thinking goes behind driverless cars? Want to work on very real problems impacting on the success and future of Artificial Intelligence? As a Software Engineer, you'll be working on complex problems Silicon Valley haven't even attempted to solve. You'll contribute to solving the urban driving problem, teaching a computer to train its own algorithms. Alongside the smartest engineers in the country, you will work on mathematical algorithms with C++ and Python. Joining an international team of engineers committed contributing to the aspirational lengths of Artificial Intelligence. You're someone who is excited by puzzles, problems and making your brain really tick. You will work on real software, training AI agents in datasets contributing to eliminating the risks and therefore the success of driverless cars. If you have an excellent academic background in Maths, Science or Physics, then you'll be working alongside similar individuals. Not...