ECM Selection

We are a very well established, specialised recruitment consultancy, not a generalist IT recruiter staffed by former double-glazing salesmen. We offer our candidates an open, honest and highly effective way to secure the right job at the cutting edge of technology.All ecm consultants are themselves graduates in computing, science or engineering, with first-hand experience within the high-tech sector, and many years experience in recruitment.

Full time
ECM Selection London, UK
This team is already on the cutting edge of machine learning technologies, shipping advanced AI-based software to both internal and external customers. Their software is used by companies around the world to aid in the development of new technologies and products. Already market leading, this team is not letting up as they look to continue integrating the latest AI technologies into their software. They envision a chat interface for their product allowing users to work naturally with their software as if it were a colleague they were bouncing ideas off. They therefore seek an LLM expert to help them build this future. You will need: Significant commercial experience developing products powered by LLMs (Large Language Models). Strong Python programming skills. Good knowledge of AI supporting infrastructure including NLP (Natural Language Processing), ML frameworks (such as TensorFlow and Keras), data engineering, and MLOps. Full rights to work in the UK...