Digital Waffle

Founded in 2018, Digital Waffle was created to do more than just match people with jobs. Working in technology and digital, we felt these cutting-edge companies deserved more from their recruitment partners. We launched Digital Waffle as a true independent challenger, to break the mould of traditional recruitment and cut through the noise. Championing a new breed of recruitment consultancy, where people and knowledge are the key to business growth, we’re proud to say that we make hiring technical and creative teams easy and enjoyable. How are we so sure? Because our partners tell us so, that and they keep coming back to work with us. We don’t like to brag, but we know our stuff. Each of our consultants have extensive experience in their respective markets, so you can be sure they know their front-end from their back-end. This knowledge combined with our consultative approach means we’re able to take a holistic view of any project. For us it’s not just about matching people with a job. We take your preferences, culture and tech stack into consideration so we’re confident that we’re helping our partners build a high-performing team and providing our candidates with a next-level career.