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Ocean Installer is now Havfram. Search for "Havfram" or visit the following link for our latest LinkedIn content: https://www.linkedin.com/company/Havfram

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Ocean Installer London, UK
Havfram AS - Location London/Aberdeen/Stavanger/Oslo We are hiring offshore wind experts to be at the forefront of the global energy transition from oil and gas to offshore wind. Havfram   is a leading offshore installation contractor, dedicated to the global transition from oil and gas to offshore wind. With an established and strong track record in subsea installation, Havfram is expanding its business with the creation of a new division,   Havkraft , aiming to be a global offshore wind developer and consultant. Havkraft   is committed to accelerating global carbon reduction through offshore wind development. As a developer, we are focused on becoming a global market player, using our worldwide experience in subsea installation to develop offshore wind projects in both new and existing markets. As an offshore wind consultant, we can provide innovative technical and strategic services across the entire lifecycle of a wind farm, with a unique offering in offshore wind...