Gloucester City Homes

Gloucester City Homes (GCH) is an independent registered housing association which owns and manages around 4500 rented homes, 450 sheltered housing properties, 300 leasehold properties, 75 shared ownership properties, 26 commercial units and 62 homeless units. The organisation became a Housing Association in March 2015, however was originally set up as an Arm’s Length Management Organisation in 2005 to deliver the Government’s decent homes standard. All GCH homes meet the Government’s decent homes standard and there is a 30 year financial business plan to deliver around £250 million investment in new homes supply and asset investment. Our aim is to increase new homes supply in the City and County. We are also working to improve our existing homes and support the economic well-being of the City through housing regeneration. Highly valued and trusted by tenants, GCH is recognised by independent experts as one of the best housing providers in the country.