Bron Afon Community Housing

Bron Afon is a social enterprise that is run by staff and members who love making a difference to people’s lives. Our work covers construction, community regeneration, support and so much more. We have been around since 31 March 2008 when Torfaen Council tenants voted for Bron Afon to be their new landlord. Since then we have been bringing their homes up to the Welsh Housing Quality Standard. Spending money in the local area means we have been able to bring extra benefits include creating and securing jobs. Bron Afon is proud to be a member of PlaceShapers, a national alliance of more than 100 community-focussed housing associations. Our membership has grown to over 1,800 people who have a say in how things are done by Bron Afon. This makes us one of the largest community mutuals and co-operatives in the country and means we have a different approach. If you want to find out more about working with us please get in touch. Our expertise covers: •Housing •Ethical contracting •Construction services •Community regeneration •Community investment and involvement •Training •Support