Terrabotics is an Earth Observation & Remote Sensing Data Analytics company with a mission to shine a new light on energy, oil & gas, and mining supply chains with satellite remote sensing and advanced IoT geospatial data analytics. We make sense of vast volumes of environmental remote sensing data from satellites, aerial, and ground sensors, at scale. We remotely map, measure, monitor, and ultimately help better manage the production and supply of the World's vital natural resources, in a more responsible and sustainable way. Terrabotics uses sensors and data fusion to directly track key lifecycle events throughout energy, oil & gas, mining, and metals supply chains such as natural gas flaring levels, industrial emission concentrations, and infrastructure construction in oil fields and refineries, to mines and smelters. We create market and ESG metrics that matter, based on measurements and observations, not corporate self-reporting! Our data analytics give asset managers, investors, corporates, and regulators up-to-date and truly objective operational, market, competitor, and ESG intelligence, months before public sources! ESG | Sustainability | Energy | Metals | Mining | Oil & Gas