Wiltshire Council

At Wiltshire Council we deliver more than 350 services to the people of Wiltshire, from public health and social care to planning and street maintenance, schools and libraries. Our vision is to build stronger, more resilient communities and our core values underpin what we do, what we stand for and how we do things. We are committed to building communities that foster a sense of belonging and self-sufficiency, where we support residents to resolve issues locally and empower our people to act. We’re a forward-thinking council that’s always ready to embrace new ideas. And we recognise a good idea can come from anyone, at any level. That’s why we encourage our people to be innovative and find new ways to tackle old issues. Our values support this and make us unique; we embrace change, treat everyone fairly and value diversity. We focus on opportunities and possibilities, rather than limitations and promote flexible working. We want to ensure that we encourage a culture that places customers at its centre and our behaviours framework which details the behaviours and attitudes required by all employees to support delivery of this culture, and defines how you will be expected to carry out your role. Join us and you will enjoy the chance to achieve your full potential and enjoy a truly fulfilling career in a beautiful part of the country.