The Money and Pensions Service

We’re transforming financial wellbeing in the UK: We’re here to ensure every person feels more in control of their finances throughout their lives: from pocket money to pensions. Why? Because when they are, communities are healthier, businesses are more prosperous, the economy benefits and individuals feel better off. COVID-19 has made this more important than ever as we all recover from its impact. There are many organisations in our nations which can make a real difference. Our role is to connect them to a shared purpose: achieving the UK’s five national goals for financial wellbeing. We lead the way with our own services, which reflect how much we care about the people we serve. They demonstrate what works best in a way that's targeted to those most in need and inclusive of people from all backgrounds. Working together we can really impact the lives of our customers. And we won’t stand still. We support innovation internally and externally so that everyone's using the best ways out there to help people feel more in control of their money. We will work to make sure the whole of the UK understands that financial, physical and mental health are all deeply connected. Our ambition is that everyone sees financial wellbeing as a national mission and a core UK value