At the heart of every cyber-attack is automation. Bots have learnt how to avoid current detection tools by acting as humans do when visiting a website. We introduce a new layer of security dedicated to bot detection and mitigation based on behavioural analysis and machine learning engines. Radically different from traditional 'black box'‚Äč solutions, Netacea Bot Management is agile, intelligent and configurable to your environment in a way that adapts to changing threats. Using Intent Analytics™ powered by machine learning it provides deep, actionable analysis of all internet traffic, web reconnaissance, automated bots and legitimate website visitors then manages those journeys accordingly in real time. Large spikes of website visitors can exceed the capacity of your platform, leading to site outages, unhappy customers, reduced profits and damaged brand reputation. Netacea’s Virtual Waiting Room solution controls the flow of website visitors during peak spikes allowing through only the visitors your website can handle. By putting all additional visitors into a fair, first-in-first-out waiting room we ensure that all visitors get the best possible experience.