North Somerset Council

Our vision is for an open, fairer, greener North Somerset. We will provide strong community leadership and work transparently with our residents, businesses and partners to deliver our ambitions for North Somerset. We aim to reduce inequalities and promote fairness and opportunity for everyone. We will lead our communities to protect and enhance our environment, tackle the climate emergency and drive sustainable development. To help us focus on the right thing we have set ourselves three broad aims, each with a set of priorities. Achieving these priorities will help us to realise our vision. Our aims are: - a thriving and sustainable place - a council which empowers and cares about people; and - an open and enabling organisation How we do things is just as important as what we do, so we also have an agreed set of behaviours for everyone who works here: - we act with integrity - we respect each other - we innovate - we care - we collaborate Read more about the council, the area and our plans for the future in our corporate plan at