As the UK’s national fusion lab, the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s mission is to lead the commercial development of fusion power and related technology, and position the UK as a leader in sustainable fusion energy. We are meeting the scientific and engineering challenges that come with such a grand ambition. UKAEA is made up of four main facilities: Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE), Remote Applications in Challenging Environments (RACE), Materials Research Facility (MRF), and - in partnership with STFC - the Oxfordshire Advanced Skills (OAS) apprentice training centre. As part of CCFE, we operate the world’s largest fusion device – the Joint European Torus, or JET – on behalf of the European fusion consortium EUROfusion.Connect with us to hear more about our world-class research and career opportunities and to discuss commercial opportunities.

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UK Atomic Energy Authority Culham, Abingdon, UK
Data Engineer Abingdon Rd, Culham, UK Full-time Salary: £38,620 (inclusive of MPP) + excellent benefits including outstanding pension Site Location: UKAEA Culham, Oxfordshire Confirmed Grade: Level 4 Company Description By 2050, the planet could be using twice as much electricity compared to today. Are you interested in contributing and helping to shape the future of the world’s energy? If so, read on. Fusion, the process that powers the Sun and Stars, is one of the most promising options for generating the cleaner, carbon-free energy that our world badly needs. UKAEA leads the way in realising fusion energy, partnering with industry and research for groundbreaking advancements. Our goal is to bring fusion electricity to the grid, supported by tomorrow's power stations. In pursuit of our mission, UKAEA embraces core values: Innovative, Committed, Trusted, and Collaborative. Job Description As an employee of UKAEA you will benefit from: -...