ICC Group

International Computer and Communications Systems or better known as ICC Group has been in the market of ICT since 1984. One major milestone for ICC is its remarkable growth from humble beginnings in Jnah office to owning multiple subsidiaries, each specialized in well-defined line of business with their own offices across Beirut servicing a wide client base. Fast forward to 2015, ICC Group has started venturing into new territories such as UAE, KSA, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait and more. Our entities: - CCI (ICT Innovation) - CNS (Solid Network) - DCS (Turnkey Data Center) - ISS (Software Hive) - ATS (Hardware Asset) - RAMCO (UAE hub) - TAQNIYAT (KSA hub) - ACSC (Oman hub) - BICC (Qatar hub)