Llamau Limited

Our mission is to end youth homelessness and homelessness for women in Wales. That’s because the causes of homelessness for young people and women are different, and we therefore need specific solutions. Our mission is a big ambition and to some people it might seem impossible. But at Llamau, we are daring to imagine a world without homelessness, and are determined to achieve it. That’s because we genuinely believe that homelessness is not inevitable. It really doesn’t have to exist. We’ve been supporting people in Wales to move on from homelessness for almost 35 years, and we’ve developed a huge understanding of the causes of homelessness. Too often, for the people we’ve supported, there have been multiple opportunities to prevent homelessness before it happened. Too often, those opportunities have been missed. Since we were founded in 1986, we’ve supported over 94,000 people and while we’re happy to celebrate the achievements of everyone we’ve supported, we’re disappointed and angry that so many people have needed our support. Ultimately we want to see an end to youth homelessness and homelessness for women in Wales. So just imagine if we all came together to create a Wales without homelessness. Just imagine the possibilities that would bring. Just imagine the part you could play.