Genomics England works with the NHS to bring forward the use of genomic healthcare and research in Britain to help people live longer, healthier lives. Genomics is a ground-breaking area of ​​medicine that uses our unique genetic code to help diagnose, treat and prevent illnesses. Thanks to advanced technology, scientists can now compare many people's genetic code to make new discoveries that continually improve genomic healthcare. In 2013, Genomics England and the NHS launched the 100,000 Genomes Project, demonstrating how genomics insights can help doctors across the NHS, and building a foundation for the future by assembling a unique dataset. Genomics England is now supporting the NHS to deliver genomic testing for patients as part of routine healthcare, and providing the health data and technology that researchers need to make new discoveries and create more effective, targeted medicines. We work with thousands of people - patients, doctors and scientists - to increase our collective knowledge and enable faster and deeper genomic research, to bring genomic healthcare to all who need it.

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Genomics England London, UK
Job details Job type Full-time Full Job Description Company Description Genomics England successfully led the world-leading 100,000 Genomes Project, which compared and analysed individuals’ genetic codes to help diagnose, treat and prevent illness. We're now accelerating our impact, working with the NHS to further develop and embed genomic healthcare and research in Britain. Our next chapter involves working with patients, doctors, scientists, government and industry to improve genomic testing, and help researchers access the health data and technology they need to make new medical discoveries and create more effective, targeted medicines for everybody. Job Description Are you a skilled Data Manager looking to use your data knowledge and expertise to enable cutting edge research and improve the health of patients in the NHS and worldwide? As a Data Manager at Genomics England, you will be responsible for curating all imaging and associated...