Our customers are top international legal and professional services firms, excited by the power of data for managing their business. Pirical was launched in 2015. Our past experiences range from corporate careers in McKinsey, Bloomberg, and Goldman Sachs to recent graduates of leading UK universities and European business schools. We work with business leaders who are hungry for better ways to decide where to focus attention, how to stand apart from the competition, and how to maximise their impact. We obsess over the decisions our customers need to make next and develop products to guide their thinking. In the last 12 months we have helped customers: > transform their graduate recruitment process > improve ethnicity and gender diversity in their firm > make informed salary decisions against the market Not to mention that our product for legal recruitment and sales enablement has soared to number 1 by UK market share. We have built our reputation by tackling the hardest challenges where data engineering meets business strategy. Our technology is proprietary, cutting-edge and, in some cases, unique. Our breakthrough solutions have been approved and funded by Innovate UK — the British Government funding programme for the advancement of innovative ideas.