We began life in 2006 as a collective of six entrepreneurial spirits. Now we have close to 200 employees in UK, who are the best at what they do. Each year we grew and ended up expanding into different markets offices in a vibrant area of Central London, close to the South Bank, the Tate Modern, and The London Eye. We also have offices in Romania, Spain, USA, France, Italy and Israel bringing the total size of our group to circa 500 employees. GIMO is an online marketing company focus on all major European markets that specialises in leading services for the online gambling industry. If you are a Content, Translation, Social Marketing, SEO, or Web Development professional, then we want to hear from you. We want to live up to our mission of being Progressive, People-driven, and Exciting. As employers, we strive to craft a working environment that encourages creativity and rewards exemplary work. When we are looking for new employees, we seek forward-thinking individuals who also embody these ideals, knowing it will reflect in the work they do