Tokio Marine HCC

Tokio Marine HCC focuses on what matters most; our people. Empowered employees deliver on commitments and look beyond profits to drive a culture of innovation and collaboration. We are diverse. We are entrepreneurial. We are forward thinkers who know risk and know our customers. With offices in the U.S. and Europe, we are leading the industry, underwriting more than 100 classes of specialty insurance in 180 countries. Our products and capabilities set the standard for the industry, and many of our approximately 3,200 employees are industry-leading experts. Each of our highly entrepreneurial businesses are equipped to underwrite special situations, companies and individuals, delivering effective solutions for our customers. After all, our customers are our number one priority. TMHCC was founded in 1974 and has achieved over 40 targeted acquisitions since our founding. Our outstanding record of growth and profitability even in the most challenging environments is a testament to the talent of our people and our unwavering commitment to the customer. Thoughtful. Sincere. Human. We aren’t just insurance professionals—we are collaborators who strive to make the world a better place through purposeful, simple and flexible insurance and risk management practices.