Cinch Cars

We're cinch. And we take the faff out of buying a car entirely online. So when our customers buy a car, they don't just nail it, they absolutely cinch it. Our mission is simple. To take away all the things that make changing cars trickier than it should be. We know what drivers want, so we’ve ripped up the rule book and replaced it with an approach that helps people browse, buy and receive cars from the comfort of their own homes. In the last year, cinch has moved from start-up to scale-up, supported by huge financial investment and a community of almost 200 digital, engineering, marketing, data, commercial and customer experience professionals working across our Manchester, Surrey and Central London offices. With this driving us – and the UK’s online car sales market growing every day – we’re truly set up for success. Sound up your street? We’re determined to build the best online experiences in the automotive and technology industries. And we’re always looking for talented people to help us on that journey. We want to inspire innovation behind the scenes that drives to continually-improved, faff-free experiences for consumers. What does that mean for you? At cinch, we’ve created an environment where ideas come to life, agile thinking is celebrated and each of us can really make a difference. Our passionate team makes every day exciting – supporting and learning from each other to ensure our work is both meaningful and impactful. On top of that, we’ve market-leading salaries and fantastic perks to sweeten the deal. Think company discounts, L&D tools, employee assistance programmes and even our very own cashback and rewards platform. Join a brand you’ll be proud to say you’ve helped build. Join cinch.