FCDO Services

For over 60 years, we have been keeping our customers’, assets and information safe all around the world. We are essentially a public sector organisation, which gives us a strong ethos of service. Yet we are commercial too. This rare blend of governmental stability and commercial drive allows us to be dynamic and keenly competitive within our markets. We do vital work on a global scale. We design and deliver secure services to high-level customers, such as governments and international organisations, all over the world – often in places that others don’t go. From personal and site security, to counter eavesdropping and sophisticated cloud solutions, our customers look to us to keep their information and assets secure in a constantly changing world. To respond, we need to continue to deliver solutions that are truly world class, We are an organisation of immense capability. Our work protects information, national interests and people worldwide. Our customers face ever-changing security challenges. We respond with speed, agility and technological innovation and are able to deliver solutions anywhere in the world. Our complex work is always important, and takes place on a global scale - often in very demanding environments. Join our diverse and accomplished team, and you’ll find careers with unparalleled variety and an ingrained culture of excellence, more than this, you'll find a job to be proud of. Many of our roles are truly international, but whatever you do here, you’ll support and deliver complex work that just matters more. Your contribution will help keep people safe, protect critical information and safeguard national interests. As such, your work will have greater significance. And the impact you make will reach further. Put simply, your job will be bigger. Our careers are as diverse as our organisation. Whatever your skills, find out where we might have a role for you.