Cardiff Council

Cardiff Council Values Accountability We accept full responsibility for our actions, decisions and behaviours and we expect others to do the same. Diversity We celebrate and recognise cultural diversity in the way we deliver our services respecting individuals and ensuring equality of access and opportunity to all. Flexibility We adapt to meet our customers’ and other stakeholders’ changing needs, and constantly seek to improve by responding positively to change, learning from experience and looking for new ideas. Openness= We are transparent and inclusive in the planning and delivery of our services. We listen to our stakeholders and encourage them to review information, decisions and processes, welcoming their feedback. Professional integrity We take pride in delivering high quality services efficiently and cost effectively. We work hard to correct shortcomings and invest continually in staff and member development. Respect We welcome differing views and recognise everyone’s right to their own opinions. We value and acknowledge all contributions to our success. Working with others - We build co-operative, reciprocal, sustainable relationships with all our partners and other stakeholders. We aim to promote and develop a culture of partnership and multi-agency working.