AquaQ Analytics ( is a provider of specialist data management, data analytics and data science products and services to clients operating within the capital markets and other sectors. Our domain knowledge, combined with advanced analytical techniques and expertise in best-of-breed technologies, helps our clients get the most out of their data. Areas of expertise include the following: *Provision of kdb+ project teams to clients for support and development purposes *Provision of kdb+ Training courses to clients – online and classroom *Development of Trading Systems and Trading Data Analytics Platforms *Big and Fast Data Implementations *Professional Services partner to Shakti Software *Data Science Services across Investment Banking, Retail Banking and Utilities *Provision of Oracle and Java Consultancy Services *Cloud & Hybrid Cloud System Architecture & Integration *Supervisory and Surveillance Platforms Headquartered in Belfast, the company has grown to over 250 consultants, servicing an ever-expanding global client base of investment banks and hedge funds. Consultants are based directly on client site or increasingly work out of the Belfast HQ under a near shore operating model. We currently have consultants onsite in the UK, Canada, the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. The company also runs a number of AquaQ Innovation Pods. Products created by the AquaQ kdb+ Innovation Pod include the following: -the Open Source TorQ Framework for kdb+, -a suite of TorQ-based Starter Pack Solutions across Finance, IoT, Crypto, -a set of TorQ Data Connectors connecting data sources to kdb+ and, -a suite of TorQ Tech Connectors connecting other technologies to/from kdb+. kdb+ blog Our very active blog on all things kdb+ related •