We are one of the world’s strongest banks, with roots in local communities throughout Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK. Across a range of digital and physical meeting places, our branch teams offer ‘up close and personal’ financial advice and solutions, based on customers’ individual needs. In this way, we aim to forge lasting relationships with satisfied private and corporate customers, helping us grow steadily through word of mouth. Our way of doing business is based on trust and respect, both for our customers and our 12,000 employees. Wherever colleagues move around our business, they enjoy everyday responsibility and the power to decide on the questions they are closest to - all within an open, cooperative culture. By running our bank prudently, we can contribute to the financial strength of our customers, employees and wider society, whatever the economic conditions. And by using our influence as a lender, an investor and a global business, we can make wide-ranging difference to the world around us.