Hackney Borough Council

Hackney is one of the UK’s highest performing local authorities, serving one of London’s best places to live and work. Hackney has a history of overcoming challenges; we went from being the worst local authority in the country to one of the best over the past 15 years. We have effectively managed the second highest level of cuts in the country whilst prioritising services, focusing on residents, and keeping standards high to make Hackney fairer, safer and more sustainable. Our staff are what makes Hackney Council great and we thrive on challenge and change. Our mission is to make Hackney a place for everyone, where all our residents, whatever their background, have a chance to lead healthy and successful lives; a place of which everyone can be proud, with excellent services, thriving businesses, and outstanding public spaces; a place where everyone feels valued and can make their voice heard. In Hackney we are: Open; Inclusive; Ambitious; Pioneering; Proactive and Proud… of Hackney, of each other, of what we do, and of the Council.