Founded in 2012, CHEC is one of the largest and most-trusted providers of community ophthalmology and endoscopy in the UK. At our heart is a key mission – to make efficient, high-quality eyecare local. Ophthalmology services are in high demand across the UK, but patients shouldn’t have to wait for excellent care. At CHEC, we are passionate about supporting our NHS partners to reduce pressures on key services, reassuring patients that they can access the best possible care quickly. All ophthalmic conditions are treated that would ordinarily go to secondary care, including but not limited to: Services - Cataract management - Glaucoma assessment - Macular degeneration - Posterior capsular opacification - General ophthalmology - Pigmented retinal lesions - Fundus problems - Flashes/Floaters - Visual field loss - Blurred vision of unknown cause - Low vision/ECLO services Procedures performed - Cataract surgery - Glaucoma procedures/laser - YAG Laser - Intravitreal injections for wAMD - Lid lumps and bumps removal - Entropion repairs - Chalazion incision and curettage - Dry eye treatments - Punctal Plugs Locations To meet the growing demands of our patients and partners, we are consistently rolling out new hospitals throughout the country, working in partnership with the thousands of optometrists who believe in our shared care partnership model. Put simply, we want to ensure that we can provide as many patients as possible with the convenience of local care. Please visit our website for more information.