We’re a global professional membership organisation and business network for Chartered Accountants. We’re an educator, regulator, examiner and a professional awarding body. Our motto is ‘seek the truth’, and we’ve been doing so since we were founded in 1854. As the world changes, the importance of doing the right thing does not. As ethical leaders, the business community looks to us and our members to uphold standards and cultivate trust in everything we do. That ethos is enshrined in our internationally respected Code of Ethics – which applies to all our members, student members and member firms – and is underpinned our Royal Charter commitment. Our CA members form a vibrant global community of finance and business professionals united by a commitment to ethical leadership. Educated, regulated and led to the highest standards, they transform business and support one another, for the greater good. And we strive to support, nurture and empower that community by delivering high-quality membership, connection and relevant and rigorous career-long learning.