Data Science & Advanced Analytics Lead

  • NHS Business Services Authority
  • Newcastle upon Tyne NE15, UK
  • 20/05/2024
Full time Data Science Data Analytics Statistics DevOps

Job Description

In this role, you are accountable for: Data science and advanced analytics delivery Leads a quality data science and advanced analytics service, which delivers high value projects that provide actionable insight which drive policy, strategic decision making and efficiencies across the NHSBSA and wider health and social care system. Responsibility for ensuring: All outputs meet the highest standards and are based on solid methodologies which are robust to challenge and analysis. Quality assurance throughout the analytical life cycle including scoping, data exploration, data quality, analytical coding/software development, analytical methodologies. Processes and standards are in place to meet information governance, ethical, privacy and security considerations.

User Research / User Centred Design is incorporated appropriately, drawing in colleagues from these professions to deliver in collaboration. Proactive engagement of internal and external stakeholders and subject matter experts to identify project opportunities which align to strategic objectives through exploitation of new insights, new datasets, new techniques, new technology and/or automation. Effective planning, monitoring and management of the team and any other teams needed to deliver projects to agreed objectives and deadlines. Working with Senior Managers, NHS policy clients and strategic partners to gain access to resources and co-ordinate work.
Continued collaboration throughout project delivery in line with requirements. Maximum value and impact from projects through compelling, clear and actionable storytelling relevant to business goals and wider promotion of key messages. Context, strengths and limitations of analyses are fully understood and communicated. Leads a high performing Data Science & Advanced Analytics team including recruitment, mentorship and continued professional development.
Sets clear goals and expectations, celebrates success and encourages learning through failure. Working collaboratively with a People Manager who will manage pastoral support. Promotes a culture of innovation, experimentation, idea generation and creativity within the Data Science & Advanced Analytics team. Leads on the development and implementation of data science and advanced techniques in response to business questions including exploratory analysis, machine learning, natural language processing, data linkage, statistical and predictive modelling, data visualisation and emerging techniques such as the application of generative AI.

Expanding team capabilities. Leads on the implementation of production machine learning models and advanced analytical pipelines according to requirements. Communicates complex data and analyses effectively at all levels to both technical and non-technical audiences, using a range of dissemination methods. Produces well-written and technically sound project reports and provides constructive review and assurance of reports authored by others.
Responsible for both long-term and short-term planning for the team, with responsibility to positively drive forward the development and performance of the NHSBSA, in accordance with its business plan. Professional analytical leadership and standards Provides specialist advice and guidance across the NHSBSA on data science and advanced analytical techniques including the development of machine learning, natural language processing, statistical and predictive modelling and emerging techniques such as the application of generative AI. This will include individuals and groups of customers at all levels and could relate to difficult and highly complex and/or contentious subject matter. Jointly leads on the development of the wider data and analytics community across the NHSBSA.

Leads on the creation and implementation of playbooks and standards for the application of data science and advanced analytics techniques to business problems. Contributes to the development of analytics policy, standards and guidelines for the wider analyst community across the NHSBSA. Jointly develops the organisational approach to analytical quality assurance and ethics, ensuring processes are robust and in line with government functional standards. Conducts quality and ethics assessments of complex projects.

Actively promotes the effective use of data analytics at all levels within the business to support our strategic vision. Demonstrates the value of NHSBSA data and insight through networking, speaking at external events and working in the open. Contributes to the leadership of Data Science, Advanced Analytics & Statistics. This will include the development of the strategic direction of the service, Data and DDaT, in line with the NHSBSA strategy.
As well as promoting the value of the service within the NHSBSA and wider health and care system. Represents the organisation on matters relating to data science and advanced analytics, in the NHS and wider Government communities, building lasting and strong relationships with peers across the system. Takes responsibility for your own continuous professional development. Keep up to date with new developments in data science, the strategic direction of the wider health and care system and national policy, to inform service development.

In addition to the above accountabilities, as post holder you are expected to: Undertake additional duties and responsibilities in line with the overall purpose of your role and as agreed by your line manager. Demonstrate NHSBSA values and core capabilities in all aspects of your work. Foster an environment where your own and colleagues safety and well-being is promoted. Contribute to a culture which values diversity and inclusion.
Comply with NHSBSA policies, procedures and protocols as they apply to your role. Working relationships Responsible to: Head of Data Science, Advanced Analytics and Statistics Responsible for: Senior Data Scientists and Data Scientists Key relationships and connections: NHSBSA staff, primary care organisations, national bodies, Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and researchers.