Senior Software Engineer - Joule Direct

  • Trayport
  • London, UK
  • 03/07/2024
Full time Data Engineering Artificial Intelligence Software Engineering Data Warehouse

Job Description

The Role
We’re looking for Senior Software Engineers to join our Joule Direct team, to help us build and improve our high-throughput, low-latency energy trading platform. You’ll be working with some amazing technologists to solve complex problems.
For us, teamwork is everything. We listen to each other, we adapt, we evolve and we strive to innovate. We are making significant investments in our business and we will invest in you.
Some of the work on any given day includes:
  • Improve our connection handling code to connect to an Exchange (eg. CME, ICE, EEX, etc)
  • Implement a new Connector for an Exchange we don’t yet support
  • Improve distributed tracing in some of the code hot paths
  • Implement a new Automated Trading feature
  • Benchmark code to reduce latency
  • Do some design/planning with a colleague and raise an RFC
Our Tech Stack
  • Our services are written with C# on .NET 6
  • We use a fair bit of SQL Server, Kafka and RabbitMQ
  • We also have projects working on Rust and AWS
  • Azure DevOps. We are big fans of Azure Pipelines! Some of our services are migrating away from TeamCity and Octopus Deploy
  • Our observability stack is Splunk, Grafana and Prometheus
As a senior software engineer, you will be:
  • Designing and leading the development of new features
  • Part of a cross-functional team working with Product Managers, Testers and DevOps engineers
  • Writing well-tested and maintainable code
  • Mentoring other engineers
  • Raising and reviewing RFCs
  • Reviewing Pull Requests
  • Comfortable debugging complex systems
  • Proposing improvements to our processes and product
Skills & Experience
  • Strong knowledge of C# or any popular programming language
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Can write efficient, concurrent code
  • Experience building distributed systems
  • Experience using the FIX protocol and Exchange Market Data feeds (eg. UDP multicast feeds)
  • Experience using message brokers like Kafka, RabbitMQ, NATS, etc
The Team
  • Development driven by employees
  • Interesting and complex problems to solve
  • Work with amazing technologists
  • Learn about other parts of the business through our commitment to collaboration
  • Opportunities to learn through regular tech talks, training and Hackathons
  • Join a company with strong market presence
Trayport is committed to creating and sustaining a collegial work environment in which all individuals are treated with dignity and respect and one which reflects the diversity of the community in which we operate. We provide accommodations for applicants and employees who require it.

About Us

Our Culture:
At Trayport, our people power our success. We are a place where talented people never stop learning, innovating and working together to make an impact!
We offer you more than a job - we offer you the opportunity to work with, and learn from the most respected industry and thought leaders in the business. We’re always pushing the boundaries, rapidly expanding our global presence across London, Vienna, Singapore, Bremen and North America.
At Trayport, we understand that our people are crucial to our future. We strive to provide a challenging and inspirational atmosphere; employing intelligent, enthusiastic, adaptable individuals and giving them the
freedom, training, and guidance to allow them to consistently achieve their potential.
If you share our vision and are motivated to challenge the status quo - we want to hear from you!