CTO - FinTech Startup (Knowledge in finance not necessary)

  • Sagefund
  • Berlin, Germany
  • 11/10/2019
Full time Data Science Data Engineering Data Analytics Business Intelligence Statistics

Job Description

Given that both current co-founders have limited technical skills, our ideal CTO is willing to take responsibility for building and managing the technology behind Sagefund.

*We don’t expect our CTO to have a background in finance or investing, but they should be curious to learn about it!*

In order to launch our MVP, we need to build the following:

  • An asset selection algorithm, based on modern economic principles. The algorithm should be able to scan all available ETFs and filter them down. The end result should be a set of ~12 different portfolios (of 4-8 ETF products), designed for different user needs.

  • The ideal candidate will have a good grasp of maths and statistics, and will be capable of translating financial and economic equations into code.

  • On the website, users will express their particular investment needs, and our system must be able to match those preferences with one of our portfolios.

  • We need a safe backend system that is connected to the API of a broker partner, in order to execute the sales and purchases of our customer’s portfolios.

  • During regular time-intervals, we need an algorithm that automatically rebalances our customer’s portfolios.

  • Support us in applying for funding and grants to further expand the Sagefund team.

  • Flesh out our website, to include user-areas, which depict the current state of their investments, and give them the option to buy/sell more financial products. 

We don’t expect our CTO to be able to build all of this themselves, but they should be excited to learn or outsource different parts of the project.

From a personal perspective, we are looking for someone whom is genuinely interested in the field of investing (modern portfolio theory in particular) and will find it exciting to work on this project!