Reservoir Data Management Specialist

  • E&P Consulting
  • Sunbury-on-Thames, UK
  • 17/03/2020
Full time Data Science Big Data Data Management Statistics

Job Description

In supporting the Reservoir domain, the following elements of domain knowledge, understanding and experience shall be evident:

  • The use of and management of key Reservoir Engineering tools and resulting datasets (e.g. Nexus, TDRM, Petex toolkit, benchmarking tool, etc.) used day-to-day by the RE community to enable upstream business unit to understand RE workflows.
  • This includes the ability to run a simple Nexus model in the PCE and a simple GAP/MBAL model to get production profiles.
  • Reservoir data inputs to models (e.g. fluids data, production history, facilities constraints, etc.). Understand where this data comes from and experience the workflow to transform this data to be available for modelling tools.
  • Simple programming code used to analyze Reservoir data (shell scripts, Perl, Python, R, Matlab, etc.) and the use of basic mathematical and statistical analysis/techniques.
  • Also advanced skills in using visualization tools (Power BI, Spotfire) to create dashboards for regional insights
  • The use of standard RE tools.
  • Capability to lead the implementation of this within business unit.
  • Examples of this include monitoring tool for RE behaviors in the PCE (NexTrack); clean up tool for Nexus simulation data (nexclean); and a tool for standardizing visualization of simulation data (NexVis)
  • The EOY reserves reporting process.
  • Capability to lead the support of the RE community in the storage of reserves information in a consistent manner globally.