Quantum Algorithms and Machine Learning Scientist

  • Cambridge Quantum Computing
  • London, UK
  • 09/05/2022
Full time Data Science Machine Learning Big Data Data Management Biostatistics

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Quantum Algorithms and Machine Learning at Quantinuum

The quantum computers available today have proven to be a viable tool to investigate scientific, engineering, and industrial problems. Yet, the full potential of quantum computation has not been unlocked. In fact, hardware limitations typical of the Noisy Intermediate-Scale (NISQ) era, such as noise, a small number of qubits, and inefficient Input/Output operations have hindered the implementation of well known, powerful algorithms. On one hand, Variational Quantum Algorithms_ (VQAs)_ can circumvent NISQ obstacles but closer scientific scrutiny is necessary to understand the trade off between robustness and efficiency. On the other hand, quantum algorithms that have quantum advantage guarantees and are suitable for NISQ devices are mostly unexplored territory.

At Quantinuum we have studied machine learning (ML) problems and used parameterized quantum circuits as quantum models for supervised learning, generative modelling, and Bayesian inference. Quantinuum's scientists have explored the reach of VQAs beyond ML, to attack nonlinear partial differential equations, combinatorial optimization, quantum simulation and Monte Carlo sampling. Whilst VQAs have proven to be practical and flexible tools for current NISQ computers, we believe that developing algorithms that go beyond variational approaches is crucial. We are committed to researching ways of bringing the advantage guarantees of algorithms for fault-tolerant quantum computers to NISQ hardware more systematically, which is a key goal for the whole quantum computing sector in the medium term.

*Role description*
Quantinuum is looking to expand its cutting edge Machine Learning and Quantum Algorithms division with a full-time researcher. The successful candidate will join a world-class scientific team focused on quantum algorithms for machine learning, and other key computational problems, with a particular focus on variational and differentiable approaches. The new member of the team will participate in ongoing research projects, but is expected to pioneer new research directions in quantum algorithms and address some of the more compelling open questions.

The research will be both theoretical and aimed at benchmarking new algorithms on the state of the art of quantum computers. Significant results will be published in peer-reviewed journals and/or patented. Aside from the pure research focus, this role will support client engagements by contributing to the definition of the scientific scope, the problem formulation, and the solution using quantum algorithms.

The candidate must have

  • PhD in Quantum Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or related field
  • Knowledge of research topics in quantum information, quantum algorithms and machine learning
  • Published research in at least one of the aforementioned topics

Desirable Skills

  • Peer-reviewed publications on high impact factor journals
  • Familiarity with NISQ device and their implementation aspects

What is in it for you?
Working alongside a highly talented team, with leading names in the quantum computing industry. We offer a highly competitive package, 28 days of paid holiday, a workplace pension and a positive approach to flexible working.

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*Science Led and Enterprise Driven.*

Our team of scientists is leading the way in the development of quantum computing. The world’s largest integrated quantum computing company, we united Cambridge Quantum’s advanced software development with Honeywell Quantum Solutions’ high-fidelity hardware to accelerate quantum computing. With full-stack technology, we’re scaling quantum computing and developing applications to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. We could be even better with you!

At Quantinuum, we believe quantum information systems will revolutionize the way we work and live. We are leading the way by helping our customers develop quantum-enabled solutions that provide a competitive-edge in their markets.

We’re hiring the world’s best talent to make it happen. Join us! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErQOKNC2O38

Please note that employment with us is subject to successfully passing our pre-employment screening checks. We are an inclusive equal opportunity employer. You will be considered without regard to age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, nationality, sex, or veteran status.

Job Type: Full-time