DataCareer: More than a job board

We live in the age of data. The internet, smartphones and sensors have created an unprecedented amount of data that can be mined and harnessed to gain new insights about our world. This process is likely to transform many sectors of the economy. 

We are data enthusiasts excited about these opportunities. As a University of St. Gallen Spin-Off, we aim to serve as a connecting link between academia, relevant industries and the online community. Our vision is to connect candidates not just to jobs but to fulfilling careers in a world of big data, while helping to improve the way data is stored, understood, secured and harnessed in business and society.

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Management Team

Dr. Massimo Mannino

Massimo is a co-founder of DataCareer and lecturer in Machine Learning and Business Intelligence at the Universities of Zurich and Lucerne. He is interested in the use of big data in a variety of business areas and advises companies with his expertise in ML and BI.

Dr. Thomas Spycher

Thomas is a co-founder of DataCareer and lecturer at the University of St. Gallen. He has conducted research as an economist at the University of St. Gallen and Harvard University. He’s particularly interested in the analysis and prediction of decisions and advises companies in the areas of data management and predictive analytics.

Adriano Mannino

Adriano is a co-founder of DataCareer and lecturer at the University of Luxembourg. He is a philosopher, writer and social entrepreneur, has co-founded several non-profit organisations and advises companies in the area of strategic and data-based philanthropy. 



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